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B2ST Profile ~ Jang HyunSeung

Yeah, It's Time For The Dancing Machine! Jang HyunSeung. Born 1989, September 3.
Height Lies Around 176Cm, Weight 58Kg And Blood Type B (Yay! Go Blood Type B:ers)
Specialtys Are Beatboxing And Working Hard (Aw)
Hobbies: Bowling And Web Surfing And... Nothing More? Common, The Dancing Machine Doesn't Even Have Dancing As One Of His Hobbies? Well Well... What More Is There To Say About This Dude? I've Been Watching "Idol Maid", "MTV B2ST" And "B2ST Almighty" And All I Can Say Is That... HyunSeung Seem To Be A Very Calm And Funny Guy. Not Like Hyper Yoseob Or Dorky DooJoon. Nothing Wrong With That, I Actually Think Its Good That B2ST Has A Guy Like Him.
Maybe Im All Wrong, Maybe He's The Most Hyper Member Of The Band... Nah, Still Think Thats Yoseob xD.

B2ST Profile ~ Lee KiKwang

Lee KiKwang, More Known As AJ, Debuted One Time Before He Debuted With B2ST. Dancing Shoes Must Be His Most Famous Song Right? I Love It!
He Was Born In 1990, March 30. He Is 174 Cm... WAIT! He Is In The Same Height As Yoseob? Haha, Though Yoseob Was Shorter (Sorry Yoseobie) Well He Weighs More... 58Kg.
Blood Type A. And His Specialty Is Dancing! (But You Gotta Love His Voice To Right?)
So... What About Hobbies? Exercising! (Well Duh, Just Look At That Guys Abs...)
He Also Like Watching Movies, Dancing And Sports.
Aw! Right Now KiKwang Is Acting In The Drama "My Princess".
He Has Also Been In High Kick! (Which I Loved Watching... Mainly Because Of Kwangie... Cute Nickname...)


B2ST Profile ~ Yoon DooJoon

The Handsome Leader, Yoon DooJoon! Born In 1989, The 4th Of July.
Awesome Soccer Player, You Should Really Watch Him Play Basketball With His Friends In "MTV B2ST (B2ST Documentary) If You Have'nt Already, He Is Such An Athlete... Hehe.
Well, His Height Lies Around 180Cm And Weight, 67Kg. Blood Type A.
His Specialtys Are: Vocal, Rap And... Don-Don-Don... Soccer!
Hobbies: Listening To Hip Hop & R&B And... SOCCER!
He Must Really Like Playing Soccer.

Ah, This Dude Is An Awesome Leader! He Really Takes Care Of The Other Members.

But In Idol Maid, A "Fortune Teller" Told DooJoon That He Would'nt Be A Singer In The Future, Cause He Would Run His Own... Music Company. He Even Said He Had Plans To Do That Himself. Please Oppa, Stick With B2ST! They Would'nt Be The Same Without You!


B2ST Profile ~ Yang Yoseob

This Cutie Pie Is Named Yang Yoseob And Was Born In 1990, January The 5th, That Maked Him 21(22 In Korea)
He Is The Lead Singer Of B2ST. He May Look Like The Youngest But He Is "In The Middle" With Ki Kwang. He Is The Shortest Though... With His 174cm. And His Weight... Around 56kg.
His Blodtype Is B (Just Like Mine) And His Specialtys Are Vocals, Beatbox And Well... Eating. Doesnt That Sound Adorable !? Yeah, Sorry About That. Just Entering My Fan-Girl Mode.
And One Of His Many Hobbies Is To Write Lyrics. Sounds Awesome.

You Know What... I Did This... "7Minutes In Heaven Test/B2ST Members" And Guess Who I Got? YOSEOB !
This Is What It Said Actually... So Romantic!

"You Spin The Bottle And Look Up At Yoseob. He's So Cute!! All You Can Do Is Smile And Hope That The Bottle Didnt Land On A Girl!! When The Bottle Stops, You Look And Start To Blush "Yoseob." You Both Just Look At Eachother And Smile! Then Your Friend And Doojoon Force Both Of You In The Closet. You Both Stood There In Silence Then Ended Up Sitting On The Floor. "So Yoseob?" "Yea ________?" "What Should We Talk About?" You Both Ended Up Talking For A Long Time And Next Thing You Know He Leans Over And Kisses You. When He Stops He Covers His Mouth. "Oh Im Uh? Im Sorry" "Its Ok! It Was Sweet And Nice ^^" "Well Then You Wouldnt Mind Being My Girlfriend??" "I'd Love To!" You Both Exit The Closet Smiling And Holding Hands. [So Cute!!!^^]

I Would Die If He Kissed Me, Which Should Be A Shame, Since... I Want To LIVE With Him xD

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